• Florida Combined Otolaryngology Meeting 2016

    2016 Florida Combined Meeting Photos

    “The 2016 Florida Combined Otolaryngology Meeting photos are up on Facebook!”


  • The Network of Florida Otolaryngologists.

    “Founded in 1997, the NFO has since become the largest group of ENT physicians in Florida.”

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    We educate patients, support physicians, provide invaluable resources for otolaryngology centers throughout Florida

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    A University of learning for the physicians and the staff

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Meet the 2016 Otolaryngologist of the year!

Frank Kronberg, MD

2015 Florida Otolaryngologist of the Year
Clifford Dubbin, MD

2014 Florida Otolaryngologist of the Year
John Lanza, M.D.

2013 Florida Otolaryngologist of the Year
Miguel Rivera, M.D.



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