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Danna Gracey

Danna-Gracey is the leading independent medical malpractice insurance agency in Florida, and the top agency for three of the leading insurers in Florida. Professional liability for doctors and physicians is their specialty.  Danna Gracey is our Medallion Sponsor.

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We welcome MedPro as our Premier Sponsor

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We welcome Starkey as one of our Principal sponsors.

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We welcome Cerezen as one of our Principal sponsors.

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Fuel Medical

We welcome Fuel Medical as one of our Principal sponsors.

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We welcome Medtronic as one of our supporting sponsors.

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We welcome IntersectENT as one of our supporting sponsors.

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We welcome Acclarent as one of our supporting sponsors.

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Entellus Medical

We welcome Entellus Medical as one of our supporting sponsors.

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We welcome ARG as one of our Friend sponsors.