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2020 NFO Otolaryngologist of the Year Award
The nominations for the 2020 Otolaryngologist of the Year award are in and now it is time for you to vote! The winner will be announced at this year’s virtual FCOM November 14th-15th.
All votes should be received by September 30, 2020

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Dr. Rene Boothby

Dr. Rene Boothby is our Medical Director with the IAC. He makes sure that all of the physicians are on point when it comes to compliance. He is one of our practices “go to physicians” when it comes to supplies and equipment. He is also apart of our research department. He is cutting edge when it comes to patient care. He is always finding a way to improve the locations where he sees patients. Physicians reach out to him for advice.

Dr. Brett Scotch

Dr. Brett Scotch is an extremely thorough and competent otolaryngologist who provides superior care to his patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman is the true leader of a large ENT group. He is very levelheaded, even with the most challenging situations, giving of his time, committed to taking exceptional care of his patients and a very strong communicator.

Dr. Curtis Johnson

I would like to nominate Dr. Curtis Johnson for NFO Otolaryngologist of the Year. Dr. Johnson has been in private practice in Coral Springs and Plantation for over three decades. In addition to being an outstanding otolaryngologist, he has been active in the training of the future generation of otolaryngologists and advanced practice providers for years. He is active in clinical research, advancing our knowledge of new technologies and the potential benefits to our patients. I believe he is truly deserving of this award.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]