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Welcome to ENT Pearls and Mastery of the Ear

Ear irrigation SHOULD NOT be your only tool in the shed when it comes to cerumen or ear foreign body removal. Are you aware of the contraindications of ear irrigation? Learn the proper tools and techniques to remove certain types of cerumen and ear objects which should never be irrigated out. Did you know that Medicare pays $14 on average for ear irrigation and $48 if utilizing an instrument? Some types of cerumen may take 10-15 seconds for removal with the right tool compared to 15-20 minutes of ear irrigation. Challenge yourself to get better and offer your patients a wider range of skills. Tympanometry is an easy testing tool to confirm the presence or absence of middle ear fluid in children or adults. It is strongly recommended in the diagnosis of pediatric serous otitis media by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. It is also a billable code. This inclusive module offers HD videos of ear cases using various tools including suction, curette, and alligator forceps. We include weekly emails to help implement these skills in your clinic. We also include a coding webinar to properly bill for these services and increase clinic revenue. This course is for any provider that treats ENT conditions. Accredited for 3 ACCME hours.

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Jeffrey B. LaCour


Dr. LaCour is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ENT). He studied at LSU Medical School in New Orleans and UNC-Chapel Hill. He then completed a year-long Otology fellowship in Pittsburgh, followed by a year-long Rhinology fellowship in Savannah, Georgia. He has been practicing in Hammond, Louisiana for over 10 years.