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Archived webinar series are formatted as a 60 minute pre-recorded virtual webinar.

They are ideal for the office manager, appropriate staff, and of course the physician.

Compliance Management

Educate yourself around the treacherous path of Medicare compliance

Practice Management

Benchmarking and organizing an efficient practice

Ancillary Services

Focus on determining feasibility of additional services


2015 Archived Webinars

Keys and Bees: What Does That Have to Do With Hearing?

What did you say? Excuse me? Pardon Me? What? If your patients have uttered these words recently, they are not alone. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 billion young adults are at risk for hearing loss[1] and there are an estimated 37.5 million adults in the USA who report some trouble hearing.[2] Additionally, […]

How New Discoveries Are Made

The work clinicians do to contribute to breakthrough science Clinical trials have been used in the world of medicine for years, but now we are seeing an increase in trials that are more ENT-Audiology based.  An analysis of trial registration data downloaded from Clinical and utilizing administrative data from the Duke University Medical Center […]

Learning the Ropes | MD-PA Provider Highlight

The Physician and Mid-Level Provider Relationship Do you currently have a mid-level provider? Yes, we have two mid-level providers, they are both physician assistants. How many years have you had a mid-level provider working within your practice? We began to use mid-level providers in our practice about 10 years ago. What circumstances made you consider […]

Alternative Delivery Channels: Are they here to stay?

If you are like most, the word “curbside” brings visions of food being delivered to your car window, maybe even on roller skates. Prior to 2019, most people would likely not have thought about the term “curbside” when discussing health care services.  And as providers, most of us didn’t think that we would provide patient […]

ICD-10 For Otolaryngology

Diagnostic Errors, Part II: A Real Threat to Patient Safety