Malpractice Insurance Through the Network of Florida Otolaryngologists Risk Purchasing Group

The Network of Florida Otolaryngologists Risk Purchasing Group remains the largest such organization in the country for otolaryngologists.  Begun in 1997, the RPG has set the standard for insurance rates in the state by meticulously analyzing every claim received, obtaining the most well qualified expert witnesses, and aggressively defending claims.  Our excellent claims history has resulted in a very favorable premiums, continuing our tradition of offering the most competitive rates available.

As the largest Risk Purchasing Group in the nation for otolaryngologists, the Network of Florida Otolaryngologists (NFO) Malpractice Insurance Program has helped hundreds of your peers with their medical malpractice coverage.  The program insurer, Medical Protective, is the oldest and highest-rated medical malpractice carrier in the nation. We invite you to apply to become part of the program that was created just for Florida Otolaryngologists by Florida Otolaryngologists.

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