Network of Florida Otolaryngologists
Business of Medicine Curriculum – A one-year biweekly seminar for the practicing otolaryngologist office.

All webinars begin at 12:00



Jean Acevedo, LHRM, CPC, CHC, CENTC

Compliance Program:
Fraud and Abuse

This webinar will review the latest developments related to healthcare fraud and abuse.  Lessons from recent government investigations and settlements will be discussed.


Katherine Becker, J.D.

Compliance Program:

With increasing penalties, greater enforcement and a growing set of business risks and sources of liabilities, healthcare physicians must gain a solid understanding of HIPAA Privacy and Security. While it is fairly well known that these rules provide for the privacy and security of Protected Health Information, the details of the laws: who is covered, what is covered, what is required, associated penalties, breach protocol, etc., are not well understood by either healthcare providers, their business associates and subcontractors.


Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE

Practice Management Program:
Implementing a Benchmarking
Program for Your Office

Applying the scientific approach to benchmarking all services performed and all goods sold in an otolaryngology practice.


Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE

Practice Management Program:
Internal Controls to Prevent Embezzlement

Protecting your practice’s financial health from internal theft starts with implementing and maintaining effective internal controls.  This webinar discusses time proven methods.


Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE

Practice Management Program:
Hiring a New Physician

Maintaining availability to patients and effectively growing your practice is critical for success.  This webinar reviews marketing methods, contracting issues, and appropriate vetting process involved with finding the right fit.


Medical Protective

Practice Management Program:
Minimizing Malpractice Risks

Over 40% of malpractice claims reported are caused by administrative errors, poor client communications and are easily preventable.  This webinar is designed to ensure that your practice is doing everything possible to minimize these risks.


Lee Mandel, MD

Ancillary Service Program:
Introducing the Allergy Program

Whether you have an ongoing allergy program or would like to institute it, this webinar discusses soup to nuts how to establish an allergy department and maximize efficiency.


Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE

Ancillary Service Program:
Implementing Imagining into Your Practice

Perhaps no ancillary service does more to streamline the patient experience than in office CT scanning.  This webinar will discuss benchmarking your practice to develop an accurate proforma of the impact of an imaging system.  We will review the purchase, accreditation, and workflow issues


Dawn Villacci

Ancillary Service Program:
Clinical Trials

This webinar will discuss:• The benefits and responsibilities of conducting clinical trials,

  • Preparing your site for trials, which involves finding a suitable research group as well as registration and credentialing,
  • Choosing an appropriate trial for your practice,
  • Establishing a research team,
  • Recruiting and enrolling participants, and
  • Ensuring data integrity.


Patricia  Ramos, AUD  Todd Blum  MHA, MBA, CMPE

Ancillary Service Program:

Listen up!  Most otolaryngology practices have some soft of audiology presence.  Recent draconian changes in reimbursement methodology has threatened the ability to provide some or most of these services.  This webinar is about maximizing the efficiency of the audiology sector of the practice


Patricia Ramos, AUD

Ancillary Service Program:
Hearing Aids

Establishing and maintaining a successful hearing aide practice can be tricky in today’s environment.  This webinar focuses on effective evaluation and fitting for hearing aides as well as ensuring that the patient is content and well suited for their device.



Ancillary Service Program:
Skin Care Products

Facial plastic surgery is an integral part of many otolaryngology practices.  Learn cost effective means of providing skin care treatment and products in your office


Ari Wirtschafter, MD and Dawn Villacci

Ancillary Service Program:
Sleep Program

Diagnosing and treating sleep disorders has been a moving target for decades.  With the advent of home sleep evaluation, the industry has been turned upside down.  This webinar focuses on establishing an effective sleep program for your practice.

On-site Consulting and Training is available for the following:

Physician Quality Reporting Services (PQRS) Training and Implementation Assistance

Meaningful Use Analysis and Education

ICD-10 Education (Readiness Assessment and Mapping Impact included)

E & M Bell Curve Analysis
Per doctor
Per specialty
Per practice